Stornoway, Stornoway

I’m usually a huge Stornoway fan. I love their voices, their facial hair and their soppy lyrics, but their newest track ‘Knock me on the Head’ can only be described with disappointment.

The opening thirty-second instrumental has a twinkly oriental sound about it, which is bizarrely threaded throughout the track, alongside synthesised organ sections, and sporadic drum sequences. Stornoway’s usual musicality, in my opinion, is replaced with a messy and confused backing. The track lacks the jazzy brass heard in ‘Zorbing’, and the beautiful strings in ‘Coldharbour Road’, and whilst I appreciate their attempt to try something new, I think the track has too much going on.

Brian Briggs’s mellow vocals are always lovely, but with a tendency to slur his words together, they are less tight than usual here. The harmonies in the bridge are lovely, however, and with a lilting rhythm and catchy chorus, you’ll be singing along in no time.

Stornoway’s second album, Tales From Terra Firma, will be released 11th March through 4AD.

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