Wayward – Love Jones

Starting this week with a house track that – to put it simply makes you feel good! With its uplifting tempo, unique piano melodies and disco vibe (sampling vocals from Eddie Kendrick’s ‘Keep on Truckin’) the song is catchy from beginning to end. If you’re wanting to get your hands on it, it’s set for release on the 2nd December

GotSome feat. Get Along Gang – Bassline

Coming in at numero dos is a song called Bassline by Bristol based duo GotSome and as the name might suggest the bassline on this track is well pretty good! Out now on label Defected, it’s definitely one for the dance floor with its prominent percussion and vocals – not to mention the first drop ‘4,3,2,1…’ Another track I love by GotSome is called ‘Heart Starts’. Although I couldn’t find it online just yet it’s another corker & a completely different sound to this. Watch this space!

Isaac Tichauer – I’ll Let You Go

So lets take the BPM right down a peg or two with this ‘underwater like’ chilled out deep house track. Echoy vocals and gorgeous melodic chords swirl together to create a tune I think sounds pretty mesmerising. A serious slice of deep house stuff right there!

Donna Washington – Going For The Glow (Friend Within Re – Vision)

And for the grand finale? It has to be a big chunk of old school disco by Donna Washington reworked by producer Friend Within. The result? A disco infused up beat vocal house track with some flanging audio effects thrown in for good measure

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