Gosh Pith a Detroit based duo, have just debuted a video for their single ‘Waves’. The twenty-three year old singer-songwriters created the video based around things they had been experiencing in their dreams that they then began to see, hear and feel in real life. Working with forty individuals from Detroit, the video is based around a girl meditating whilst the others act as the embodiment of different elements of her chaotic subconscious. A creative and intriguing extravaganza.

In a time where a few duos are creating fresh electronic beats, it would be easy for Gosh Pith to just blend into the background. However, the track itself displays sensual bass sounds and rumbling vocals which are slowed down making the track stand out for its summery and chilled vibe, as opposed to an average EDM sound. ‘Waves’ was inspired by ‘a psychedelic winter walk through the streets of Paris’. Describing their sound by their own branded ‘cosmic-trap’, the duo have blended influences from classic artists such as Little Richard and Delroy Wilson, as well as taking some inspiration from modern hip hop idols like Outkast.

With a single track being so polished, Gosh Pith are showing talent way beyond their experience and are leaving listeners eager for more.

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