Imagine a scenario: Whitney Houston, God rest her soul, and Victoria Bergsman (Taken By Trees, ex-The Concretes) are sprinting at each other at breakneck speed, each showing no sign of backing down. They collide and, out of the rubble and dust, something beautiful emerges. That something would be the latest release from Swedish three-piece, Postiljonen.

Covering Whitney’s ‘How Will I Know’, Postiljonen manage to transcend the upbeat, saxophone-riddled pop gem by creating a stripped down ethereal masterpiece. Dreamy vocals from Mia Bøe, alongside delicate synthesizer and percussion accompaniments provided by Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm, make the track almost unrecognisable from the 1985 anthem. However, the trio do pay some homage to the original by keeping most of the original lyrics, some of the vocal melodies and an echoic saxophone element. Alongside a sentimental video from director Ty Olson, the track really does make for a truly delightful four minutes of laid back music.

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By Joe Doherty
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