Paul McCartney vs Dog Is Dead - Wonderful Christmastime

Being Dutch, Jewish and British means December’s a pretty busy month. First there’s St. Nicks, then Hanukkah and finally (my favourite of the three), Christmas. Bad presents and distant family are a common denominator of all three but for me what really makes Christmas is those all-important festive songs.

This year my favourite has got to be Dog Is Dead’s version of ‘Wonderful Christmastime’. The original, recorded by Paul McCartney in 1979, combines bells and synth, a perfect Christmassy combination if you’re going for that late 70s feel; this version opts for the sax instead (don’t worry, the Christmas bells are still there!). It’s beautifully simplified and slowed down and there’s a slight echo too, an aural trick which makes me think they’re actually Christmas carollers in a church hall or something. They’ve even added two lines of Silent Night at the end to really capture that festive feeling.

If you’re struggling to get into the Christmas spirit or need a soundtrack to help you with your present wrapping then stick this on, you won’t be disappointed. (But if you are then we probably won’t get along…). Plus the video’s pretty funny too, if you’re in to silly string and blindfolds.

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By Liz DC
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