Echo Lake - Wild Peace

A few months ago Echo Lake announced the release of their debut LP and in all honesty (and regrettably) I refrained from listening to them. The last few months I’ve subverted myself into a world of revision, keeping my music listening to a minimum and minimalist level in order to place as much focus on my work. However, in a self-proclaimed ‘deserved rest’ this evening, I noticed that Echo Lake had finally released their title track ‘Wild Peace’. From various reviews and descriptions I could not, of course, delay my listening any further and after a couple of plays I knew I had to write a review. Sitting down, I was unsure of what to write that can’t be found elsewhere; I don’t wish to repeat the words of other reviewers. Thus, I have an excuse for a seemingly sparse review which is as follows…

It seems terribly cliched but the entire track comes across as a dream, with a harmonious blend of vocals, strings and electronic sounds that make for an extremely aural pleasantry. Linda Jarvis (vocalist) focuses on captivating the audience within the meticulous soundscape, using looped and cannon effects, a concept growing ever more popular by female vocalists from Grimes to Nedry. The tonal ranges show clear influence from lo-fi, shoegaze and dream pop such as Seapony, yet the complicated patterns and melancholy meanings show a development of these genres rather than conforming to their set specifics.

I could try and discuss this track in detail – from the opening chords, to the development of the vocals and the drifting peaks that echo out this huge scope. The fact is it’s clear that the piece must be admired as a whole work of emotion and thought, and I would not even attempt to split the process and sounds of the track up into digestible chunks. But again, perhaps this is me trying to make excuses as a failed writer! The final and most definite thing I can say about this track is this: It’s a MUST listen.

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By Dan Waller
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