It’s fair to say that in recent years Heavenly Recordings have been doing an impressive job of unveiling fresh and excitingly innovative new bands and their debut albums. From TOY’s and Stealing Sheep’s 2012 debuts to Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs 2013 release; each have demonstrated a flare of quirk far different from anything else in the industry in the present time. Temples are no exception. Leading the British psychedelic revival with dreamy single releases throughout the past year, their debut album ‘Sun Structures’ was inevitably going to be something to look forward to, and it hasn’t disappointed.
With a release date of February 10th, Temples head up the list of debut albums to look forward to in the coming year. Recorded at James Bagshaw’s (vocals and guitar) house in Kettering, the band aimed for a DIY budget production, Thomas Warmsley (bass and backing vocals) explains, “The way I see it there aren’t any limitations any more. If you know what you want to achieve, there’s always a way around it.”
The album begins with the kaleidoscopic dream of 2012 single ‘Shelter Song’. The idiosyncratic harmonies over the retro equipment, provide a sense of a chilled summer’s evening (despite the present conditions). Title track ‘Sun Structures’ follows next and if you’ve been lucky enough to have seen the band live, then you know it’s an absolute treat. The drum rolls and keyboard echoes, alongside that guitar riff that oozes glam, are just a clear summary of why Temples are so great and why they are a band to continue raving about.
‘The Golden Throne’, much like ‘The Guesser’ may not have been officially released; but if you’ve been scrolling the web trying to hear more of Temples, then you are likely to have heard it already. ‘The Golden Throne’ echoes the sacred tones that the band often reference. The use of the keyboard and the string rhythms further demonstrate this ceremonial sense. The infectiously catchy, ‘Keep In The Dark’ brings us back to the bands folk roots, with the glittery tambourines and dazed lyrics, whilst bathed in those oh-so glorious melodies.
New single ‘Mesmerise’ bounces through with its exotic beats and lustrous synths, making it perhaps the sunniest track from the album, whilst the sultry yet whimsical ‘Move With The Season’ plunges us into a humble warmth. ‘Colours To Life’ sparkles through as it did when it was first released. The track is perhaps their most polished, and with its swooning vocals could well of appeared on a James Bond theme tune.
It seems it can often be very easy for new psychedelic bands to lack variety in their songs whilst the try to maintain that particular genre, but evidently this is not something Temples are subject to. Despite clear influences from bands like The Byrds and Hookworms, the band still manage to channel their pioneering creativity through every inch of the album.
One song that particularly stands out is ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’. I can’t quite pinpoint why it does, it may just be that it seems to have more of a rock influence. The steady paced drums with the deep bass and heavy guitar ripples make the chorus sound like something that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tame Impala set, the difference being that there is something quintessentially British about it.
‘The Guesser’ makes its appearance, conveying once again that spiritual undertone, whilst the melodic ‘Test of Time’ lead us into the final two tracks. ‘Sand Dance’ once more demonstrates their diversity, with its groove-infused guitar riffs and overseas-inspired drum beats, while ‘Fragment’s Light’ rounds off Temples debut with a harmonious resolution, leaving us baffled by the sheer complexity of the album and transpired into a hazy reverie.
The album’s that good that the singles released before don’t even begin to disclose the potential exploding from the band. Right down to the album cover, ‘Sun Structures’ is well constructed, creative and perfectly executed. Temples have certainly demonstrated that they’re not afraid to experiment with sounds or equipment and with this in mind, the band’s future looks set to be a bright one.
Track listing:
1. Shelter Song
2. Sun Structures
3. The Golden Throne
4. Keep In The Dark
5. Mesmerise
6. Move With The Season
7. Colours To Life
8. A Question Isn’t Answered
9. The Guesser
10. Test Of Time
11. Sand Dance
12. Fragment’s Light
Alongside the album release they are heading out on tour around the UK throughout February and March, whilst playing the main support slot for Interpol on the NME Awards Tour too (see link)
Temples Headline Tour:
24th Glasgow Oran Mor
25th Hull Fruit
27th Nottingham Rescue Rooms
28th Leeds Stylus

1st Manchester Academy 2
3rd Oxford Academy 2
4th Birmingham Institute Library
6th Cardiff Globe
7th Bournemouth Old Fire Station
8th London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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