The initial thing I learned from this video is that Jack White likes blue. And apparently pain (“Cut off the bottom of my feet Make me walk on salt” – maybe he’s getting involved in this crazy obsession with the book phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey?)

Given the sultry but tough riff of ‘Freedom at 21’, clearly the video had to be something to be reckoned with. Jack White is shown with a blue tint throughout, ironically portraying his quirky self by blending him in. Instead, the intended focus is on his female co-star, rough policewoman and sideboob extraordinaire, Brittany Colombo.

The beginning of the video gives many different vibes: the comic style banner introducing the title as though you are in the cinema, about to watch a Quentin Tarantino film; the retro blue tinting and lime green sports car; and the action of a car chase while Mr White remains suave in a suit. All this on top of using director Hype Williams – who ordinarily works with hip hop videos – suggests that this video, in all its varied glory, is the freedom of the 21st century.

‘Freedom at 21’ is out now via Third Man Records.

By Kirsten Powley
Dance Yrself Clean

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