SO WHAT the video starts with this Miss and her llama-esque chewing credentials.
SO WHAT this crazy who’s suddenly breezed in (that’ll be ‘feat. Psychologist’ then…) looks suspiciously like he might ‘Accio’ your wallet and scamper off with it to potions.
SO WHAT there’s a serious moral question as to why you would couple that particular vintage plonk with some beans-on-toast (that may, or may not, be sporadically turning into prawns).

SO WHAT this guy, who is sometimes a goat, is building Swedish furnishings by rave-light, and getting just pissed off enough at this catastrophic choice of task illumination that he might just smash up everything you own. Even your cat.

So what.

In fact this video is not nearly crazy enough to epitomise the stonking brilliance of this veritable anthem’s bumpy ride on the chill-wave.

I mean, there is this woman, and she’s making balloon things, and she’s really ecstatically happy about it. There is this multitude of lights that resemble pacman ghost ejaculation going all over the shop. AND if you watch it to the point where you think you might dribble your angel-delight-mess of a brain out of your nose, it might just dawn on you that balloon woman IS ACTUALLY terrified Llama lady. Baam.

What is this world where you can’t have some kind of catastrophic prawn vs. sledge hammer melt down while you were minding your own psychosis, eating your beans & wine and letting a globe of balloons attack you?

Not my kind of world.

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By Abby Hobbs
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