We asked all our contributors what their favourite tracks were last year, and here, in no particular order, is what we came up with.

Merchandise – ‘Become What You Are’

Very few songs held my attention more in 2012 than this track from a band on many people’s lips, who have been touted by many, including NME, as a band to watch in 2013. Merchandise frontman Carson Cox’s haunting vocal style fuses dreamily with the 80’s Britain inspired instrumental of beautifully chaotic guitar chords to produce this 11 minute epic. CG

Palma Violets – ‘Best of Friends’

Not as revolutionary as the Strokes, not as raw as The Libertines, and though not for want of trying, not as bolshy as The Clash, Palma Violets have a lot to live up to. On their evidence of their current repertoire, they’ll have to pull something seriously impressive out of their collective sleeves to warrant their label as ‘saviours of guitar music’. That said, ‘Best of Friends’ is a bloomin’ superlatively catchy tune. AT

Tame Impala – ‘Elephant’

A floor-shaking riff and drum beat, ‘Elephant’ is the most radio-friendly song on Tame Impala’s Lonerism (which is the best record this year, incidentally). Kevin Parker’s vocal oozes its influences: Lennon, Barrett and LSD. A thumping rock track from a band who embody the sense of psychedelia in a way which hasn’t been achieved in almost fifty years. A remarkable record and one which taps into spiritualism. JDR

Peace – ‘Bloodshake’

Much in the same vein as Palma Violets, Peace are fighting against an onslaught of ‘derivative’ negativity. And whilst that charge isn’t totally unfounded, it seems a little harsh. Then again, ‘Bloodshake’’s verse does sound like the chorus of ‘Young Folks’, and they are kind of just another floppy haired indie band. The main riff is a shoe-in for that bit of music that plays before festival highlights on the BBC though, so it must be good, right? AT

Theme Park – ‘Jamaica’

Theme Park may not be ground breaking, but they make some bloody lovely music (and it’s refreshingly different to the onslaught of indie pop in recent years). Calypso beat, simple riffs and Miles’ smooth vocals, ‘Jamaica’ is a cracking summer number. Listen out for their album, coming soon. MR

HAIM – ‘Forever’

The winners of the BBC’s Sound of 2013 have previously been described as funk and Fleetwood Mac imitators. I don’t know whether these things are true but I do know that this is how pop songs should sound. BH

San Cisco – ‘Beach’

This is another track brimming with an undeniable sensation of wistful nostalgia, this time from Aussie quartet San Cisco. Featuring one of the catchier choruses of 2012 Beach captures the essence of the 80s and gives it a twee makeover with the perfectly combined vocals of Jordi Davieson and Scarlett Stevens. CG

The Cribs – ‘Come On, Be A No-One’

Raucous and loud, The Cribs’ fifth record was a return to their volatile youth. Marr’s departure did nothing to dampen the Jarmans’ spirits, releasing this gem of a lead single which sounds every bit as inspired as their early work. This song was easily the highlight of their Reading Festival set. JDR

Peace – ‘California Daze’

From the wistful opening riff, to the sugary sweet description of the girl that ‘tastes like sunlight’, to the euphoric crescendo of swelling guitars, Peace’s ‘California Daze’ was destined to be one of the anthems of 2012. Combine that with Harrison Koiser’s lovelorn delivery; and California Daze speaks to that hopeless romantic that we’ve all got living inside us. TR

Sharon Van Etten – ‘Serpents’

‘Serpents’ is the first track from Sharon Van Etten’s third album Tramp. The gradual build at the opening of the song makes it one of my all-time favourites. Starting with an eerie guitar solo which develops into a beaty 8/8 time signature, and then introducing a heavy syncopated drum beat, Sharon’s rough vocals are finally brought in with the break. Rocky and mysteriously atonal, ‘Serpents’ gets my vote. HF

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