“ahhh Yeasayer, they could poop into a microphone and it would still sound good…”. This little comment, recently posted on YouTube, sums up my feelings for Yeasayer pretty nicely; I’m not sure what they do, but it sounds wonderful. ‘Henrietta’ was released less than a month ago and its already causing a stir with over 23,600 hits on YouTube. The track works in three parts, with a beaty and fresh first minute or so before the song descends into a louder, faster and an almost oriental sounding phase of overworked guitar and slurred vocals. The end of the track works around a variation of the same slow tempo, gentle vocals and musical refrain for the last two minutes before the song abruptly finishes after a lengthy 4.41 minutes. The lyrics are surprisingly sparse, with the line “Oh, Henrietta, we can live on forever” repeated over and over in a way which ambiguously conveys a romantic happiness and a remote sadness simultaneously. The versatile track, therefore, works to fit almost any mood, and is certainly one for the repeat button.

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By Hatty Farnham
Dance Yrself Clean

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