Stumbleine The Night Before

Another masterpiece of eclectic lo fi loveliness, is the only way to describe it really.

‘Strawberry Blonde’
The first track of the EP I feel has a very ‘The Weeknd’ feel to it with the slow sexy synths and spaced drums. Also the chopping of the vocals supports this using Ooo’s and Ahh’s gives this the slow sexy ‘RnB’ vibe Stumbleine style.

This track has the most uplifting vibe of the EP, progressive guitar work with the underlying wash we have come to love and prominent plucked strings over the top. With more well selected vocal chops and signature drums.

‘She Stole The Beach
This is how I would imagine a Stumbleine remix of Deadmau5 would sound with the big bassy synth carrying the song with a twisted chilled trance/progressive house vibe.

Another slower track, which incorporates Imogen heap vocals amongst others over guitar and delayed dance style keys to give a dreamy atmosphere.

‘Fake Plastic Trees Ft. Coma’
Yes this is a cover of Radiohead’s song and although it is a classic I think I might prefer this. Sorry. It’s just Coma’s vocals are amazing and the way Stumbleine has used a much more dreamy, calm, lo fi approach just tops it off for me. For everyone else its most likely a great twist on an already top tune.

By Tom Sargent
Dance Yrself Clean

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