The five Birmingham born lads that make up The Carpels have already caused a stir in the media due to their incredibly interesting and refreshing sound. Rather than just being another generic indie band, the Carpels have combined indie/rock guitar sounds with an almost ska/punk-like beat along with electro synths and unique vocals to create songs worth listening to.

The band kicked off their UK tour last weekend at Birmingham’s Artsfest. It’s only when you see them live that you realise the already made comparison between The Carpel’s lead singer Dylan Williams with Joy division’s Ian Curtis goes beyond the deep vocals and continues through to the unpredictable dance moves! The band are set to return to their hometown of Birmingham midway through their UK tour to support Reverend and the Makers – a night that shouldn’t be missed!

It’s obvious to see when they’re performing that the band ‘gel’ well together. Confidence and natural chemistry when performing are always good qualities for a band to have. Despite ‘messing around’ in bands since they were young, it’s a blessing that these talented lads have decided to make a go of it. With the attention that they’re already receiving, it’s pretty much inevitable that these guys are going to make it. Bring on the album!

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By Lauren Cox
Dance Yrself Clean

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