Most incredible things come into existence through a serendipitous combination of the right place and the right time. Judging by the talent pouring out of Birmingham recently, like it has in the form of Peace, the only plausible explanation seems to be that the cosmic forces are all perfectly aligned and that King Midas has touched what has traditionally been considered the dull and dreary Midlands.

With great success, of course, comes great pressure; walking the tightrope of ‘buzzband’ status is no easy feat. But there doesn’t seem to be any danger of them falling any time soon. With an admittedly minimal so far, yet flawless track record of musical talent, every wait between releases seems to be worth it.

‘Wraith’, their next single which will be released in January, seems like the first song that appears to have been moulded somewhat by the expectations of them. This seems like it should be a negative thing, yet just sees them doing what many others in leagues below them attempt, just far better. A simple riff bounces off some seriously tight drumming; Harrison’s lustful lullabying and a chorus that bursts out of the speakers like it’s been pumped with steroids. Add in some tropical bongo-ing and some choral “oooooohs” in the background to the mix and you’ve got the perfect psychedelic pop song.

It’s been a hectic year and a half since the four Birmingham boys since they appeared as the antidote to the drought of worthwhile, dare I say it, indie scene, but just a note for their successors to consider: if you can see the bandwagon, it’s already long gone…

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By Bella Roach
Dance Yrself Clean

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