Allow me to introduce you to Peace, the absolute golden future of guitar music and indie. I’ve loved these few B-Town boys ever since they supported Mystery Jets at the Rainbow (you’ll find that review in my archive) and my love has just grown and grown and grow and… you get the picture.

Bloodshake’ formerly known as ‘BBlood’ is nothing short of an indie masterpiece. It’s a beautiful, upbeat, melodic, indie-dance track that is chocka block with jaggedy riffs that are a bit Foals esque… It’s totally loveable in every possible way. Three quarters of the way in it goes a little ambient and begins to feel a little bit like The xx but of course that doesn’t last song as they quickly swing back into screeches of guitars.
Basically, this track makes me want to get up and dance until my feet hurt.

Peace have released their debut EP named Delicious EP… you can get it now on iTunes!

Discover Peace: Official

Emily Cramp
Dance Yrself Clean

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