Memoryhouse - Bonfire

Canadian double trouble Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion have got it all worked out. In house DYC female-vocalist-hater, Joe, will probably detest this, but Evan, you made a good call leaving the singing to Denise, because boy is she good at it. Sure, she probably lacks a little charisma, but her shy, conserved persona perfectly mimics her sweet vocals. The song starts with a blend of synthesised backing and acoustic guitar and proceeds to fuse the traditional with a twist of contemporary throughout. Denise seems slightly strained when singing the lower notes, but does this humble grumble matter? No, these guys are real through and through. Utterly romantic; ‘let’s get cold together’, and blessed with a hint of festivity, I’m quickly forgetting bonfire night, and looking forward to cosy Christmas nights in front of the fire listening to this on repeat. On a different note, who else is rooting for these two to have kids?

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By Hatty Farnham
Dance Yrself Clean

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