‘Tiptoe Through the True Bits’ a play on Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ is another melodramatic heart break anthem by Los Campesionos!. The song starts off slowly and gloomy. Keep listing, because near the middle the brass instruments come in to give the song a feeling of hope. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Though it has a mournful feel to it, the chorus hooks you and leaves you with a bit of hope. They pack so much emotion into the lyrics, which is not always the case in some of their songs. Los Campesinos! are in the United States this summer for their Hello Sadness tour. I am egger to see if they play ‘Tiptoe Through the True Bit’ as I think it could prove to be an even more powerful song live.

‘Tiptoe Through the True Bits’ was written for Hello Sadness but never made the cut. The band announced that the song wasn’t a single, but instead it is just a free song for the fans. Los Campesinos!’ new song ‘Tip Toethrough the True Bits’ is available for download at http://www.loscampesinos.com/downloads/tiptoe/

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By Sidney Naliwajka
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