Icona Pop replace the simple chanting and chorus formula of ‘I Love It’ with a surprisingly pleasant clash of echoey choral and steep dub drops for this ‘party-banger’ that will surely be heard in clubs the height and breadth of the country, and all over the world. This is really an artistic step in the direction of those quasi-dubstep crossover pop songs that seem to be dominating the charts, and yet it’s the alternative crowd who continue to claim them as their own. Maybe the reason for that is because they’re Swedish, with that mystical quirky Swedish-ness (Tommy Sparks notwithstanding). Or maybe because, deep down, we all love a bit of thudding electronica.

‘Ready For The Weekend’ comes out on Big Beat Records, the dance arm of Atlantic, on 11th September. It paves the way for the release of The Iconic EP on 16th October.

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By Barney Horner
Dance Yrself Clean

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