Girls - Lawrence

Let’s not beat around the bush here: everybody’s digging Girls at the moment. With Father, Son and the Holy Ghost they pulled off a hands-down album of the year, and if you don’t agree, you ain’t cool. As it turns out, frontman Christopher Owens is a bit of a fan of Felt‘s Lawrence. And when we say a bit of a fan, it’s a huge understatement; he absolutely loves  him. So much so that he went and crafted this 4 minute instrumental beauty of a track and stuck it on a heart shaped vinyl as a ‘gift’ to the man. Bless. It says a hell of a lot that Christopher Owens doesn’t even need to sing to have us weak at the knees. It’s getting a proper release on November 28th, so grab it and give it to your girlfriend or boyfriend or summat.

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By Joe Abbitt

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