Hello all. Today I bring you a beautiful release from Swarms, who themselves are yet to release anything new. This album is a collaborative project by Stumbleine, Kuss & Obi.

The album features an array of light hearted and deep tracks all of which are of unprecedented quality. Stumbleine brings emotive samples and a selection of reverbed guitar melodies on tracks like ‘Roulette’ & ‘Chapel’, whilst Kuss & Obi bring forward moving dub vibes on other tracks like ‘Sterling’. But you can hear all 3 artists’ sounds infused through each track to create an all round deep, harmonious collection.

I decided to link ‘Roulette’ to this post. It’s my favourite track of the album but you can decide for yourself by listening to all of the full tracks on their Soundcloud page, which you can get to either from the ‘Roulette’ link or the other links at the bottom. The reason it finds itself as my favorite track is the dynamic it has, all its elements pull together to give a huge impact as well as a subtle one. Using shifting clock sounding drums, over the huge deep bass line you can’t help but sway, and then the pitched vocal samples drift in and out it gives the feeling of flying or being at sea. That sounds silly, but it does.

Anyhow, listen & enjoy.

Kuss & ObiSoundcloud

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