There’s been a lot of well-deserved hype about Ben Pearce this summer, and as a sure reflection of the artist’s recent success, he has just released a new video for ‘What I Might Do’ (which, apparently, is the most Shazam-ed track in the UK at the moment).

The video is fast, fun and colourful. It features a host of ordinary people of all shapes, sizes and dancing-abilities, unashamedly taking turns to bust their best moves around a photo lighting studio. Perhaps it’s because I dance like the guy at 51 seconds (check him out) and I need reassuring that it’s acceptable to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care of a Saturday evening, but I’m in love with this video.

My experience of music videos is usually limited to a disgruntled hour in the gym or a tear-inducing three minutes and forty two seconds watching Miley Cyrus snog a hammer and metaphorically take a dump on second wave feminism. It is with sheer glee, therefore, that I can honestly say that Ben Pearce’s new video made me laugh. Out loud.

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