After releasing their video for ‘Leave It’ in November, Bombay Bicycle Club have just unveiled a beautiful stop motion music video to accompany ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’, from their acclaimed album A Different Kind of Fix, released last August.

The video was given its life by animator and school friend to the band, Anna Ginsburg, and the miniature set designs and models really do reflect the intricacy of its six months in-the-making production. Its gorgeous dream-like aesthetic follows the night time adventure of a big blue eyed kid made from silicone, cosmic jellyfish and glowing moon juice – it’s actually quite surreal. It must be said, the transporting visual really does accompany Bombay’s sound perfectly. Charming on the eyes and the ears, you can watch it below, or take a look at Anna Ginsburg’s blog to immerse yourself in the video’s meticulous making process… honestly, you’ll be impressed.

Following their acoustic album ‘Flaws’, their third album A Different Kind of Fix shows the band have rekindled their ability to compose the catchiest basslines by picking up their electric guitars – no doubt what the band to best. Whilst some tracks maintain inspiration their previous effortlessly sincere melodies with the precious backing vocals from Lucy Rose, they’ve also embraced a new love for afrobeat guitar lines and samples from Jack’s computer. Totally reminiscent of its summer release, the album is captivatingly happy or for me, in the words of ‘Shuffle’, it’s still completely ‘ethereal’ for these cold winter days.

The band have been nominated for 3 NME Awards late last month – Best British Band, Best Track (‘Shuffle’) and Best Album Artwork – and continuing with a list of exciting happenings (for a huge Bombay fan, anyway) ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ has been announced as their next single, due for release on March 5th.
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By Libby Weeks
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