The mellow husky voice accompanied by a delicate image of the young girl over looking an English lake is a rather picturesque opening to the video. The mystery of the girl continues and is exacerbated by a dramatic pause near the middle of the song and is furthered by the image of ‘the dead of the night’ and the forest aesthetic. This rather eerie video has caused many a facebook and twitter follower to comment on the YouTube video with exclamations such as, ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’, ‘deeply in love,’; a rather affectionate semantic field to which I can’t agree more! The more I listen to the song, the more it seduces me and my little ears. What a fantastic first impression of the BASTILLE, I sincerely hope that there are more delights to come. The track is available to buy on Laura Palmer EP, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter…

BASTILLE on Myspace

By Charlotte Cox
Dance Yrself Clean

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