Not long now until Yorkshire’s finest release their fifth LP AM (due out 9th September via Domino Records), and the machine is really beginning to kick back into gear. Triumphant as their Glastonbury headline slot was, Arctic Monkeys were disappointingly thrifty with new material; first AM single ‘Do I Wanna Know’ opened proceedings, before they powered through all the classics and some rarer moments from their back catalogue. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long to hear another fresh cut, and this time it’s accompanied from the off with a promo video.

Of course you’ll remember how we raved about the video for ‘Do I Wanna Know?’, all oscilloscopes, animated muscle cars and what not? Well, this video isn’t much like that. There’s a lot of gratuitous sexual content, some vaguely referential melting clocks, and plenty of Alex Turner stumbling about the streets of London, off his tits. Amusing as that is, it’s hard to believe the frontman could ever make an unsuccessful booty call, even if he is relegated to “Alex Band Guy”, but that’s what we see here as he ends up swaying about outside some poor dear’s front door.

The video was directed by Nabil, a name you might recognise as the person behind a few of Foals‘ latest releases, while the single is available now as a download, and as a limited CD release. A 7″ of the single will be released on 2nd of September with an exclusive b-side “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You”, and will be available for pre-order soon.

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