It’s nice to get recognition now and again, so instead of just listening to the cool new kids on the block, I’ve decided to write about them, too. I even got in touch with some of them to tell them how wonderful they are. These are currently my favourite young artists and what they’ve got to say…

Chloe Foy

Discover Chloe Foy: Official // Facebook
This breath taking singer-songwriter reminds me of an early Laura Marling, but without the rabbit-in-headlights persona. Think rich voice, wide range, folky harmonies and twiddly guitar pieces. Her lovely EP ‘I’ve got a feeling’ features basic graphics and still videos, but is available on itunes. Chloe is twenty years old and she’s trying to kick start her music career whilst studying full-time at University. She’s been playing and writing since she was thirteen and explains that she was brought up surrounded by music such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Joni Mitchell. Chloe writes all her own music, saying “I actually find it hard to write lyrics alongside other people as it’s quite a personal thing for me. I now have a band who play with me though, and they add a lot of musical ideas to my songs”.

The Darlingtons

Discover The Darlingtons: Official // Facebook
The Darlingtons have got it sorted. Four well dressed boys, three electric guitars, one excellent voice, and a hell of a lot of talent. Kiran’s voice is full and deep and their newest song ‘Bats’, which was released in march this year, is to die for. Their debut album, ‘Decades Dance’ was produced by OrderedRecords and features twelve songs, and three impressive videos. The sinister ‘Bats’ video features Brett Allen miming to the song as he is tortured in a London basement, and the ‘Everything’ video isn’t exactly chipper with its pervy men and violent women. Lead singer Kiran describes how the band aren’t looking for success necessarily, but hope to take the band, and their music, as far as it can. The boys frequently gig in London, but hold up part-time bar jobs in their home town of Taunton when not writing and playing.

Tom Lowman

Discover Tom Lowman: Reverb Nation // Facebook
This cutie is my wild card because I’m usually all about the vocals, and Tom’s singing is not what’s great about him. Tom writes his own music alongside studying at Trinity, Oxford, and he’s interesting because his songs have a real musical depth about them; it’s not just him and his guitar. ‘Figure Eight’, for example, is a cracking song. I love the harmonies, I love the guitar intro, I love the piano, I love the clapping, and I’m really digging the percussion. Like Chloe, Tom writes his own music but explains that he has “always played music in bands or alongside other talented musicians and writers”, so naturally his songs are influenced by those around him. His songs are available on YouTube and Facebook.


Discover Manners: Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
I heard about these kids (they’re only seventeen!) because they’re supporting The Vaccines at the Pilton Party in September. Manners are made up of four teenage boys, three guitars, one voice and a drummer, and they’re pretty good. They recorded their recent EP ‘Barnhouse Sessions’ at the Orchard Studios, local to them in Somerset. Currently without videos, their songs are available on their facebook page and are certainly worth a listen. Their sound reminds me of a fusion between The Libertines and The Kooks. “The Glory Days” is by far their best track and whilst, with the repetitive chorus, it makes for yet another easy-listening indie track, the song features talented drumming and tight guitar. The boys have been together for less than a year, and I’m excited to see where another year takes them.

By Hatty Farnham
Dance Yrself Clean

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