King Laconic, also known as Norwich-based singer/songwriter Brendan Bennett, is definitely a love at first listen artist to me. I started by listening to his first EP Muddy Snow and, even though there was obvious room for improvement, I couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love with everything it stood for. Such clean and sweet vocals complimented by clear musical talent gave way to the entire album being devoured all at once by my eager ears. Needless to say, I was excited to see what his new EP, Many Moans, had in store for me.

I find it so intriguing to keep going back between each EP. At times I’m given a fragile young man echoing his voice and feeling through lyrics, and then I am shown a man portraying his obvious talent for both songwriting and singing. I feel his new EP is perfect example of his growth in this industry. I am no longer reminded of his timorous expression of musical ability but am being shown, quite seriously, that he is a versatile, incredibly talented guy with more originality than I could have ever imagined him creating from listening to Muddy Snow.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of listening to King Laconic. When the suns shining and I have work to do, I don’t appreciate mind-numbing, easy listening music to keep me going, so listening to the constantly surprising and always astonishing King Laconic quenched my perfect playlist thirst quite nicely.

Many Moans leaves me tossing and turning between wide variations of his musical aptitude. His fantastic skill on the guitar does not go unnoticed in this album as we find him skimming across fret and string picking his way through a song, then to be treated to something altogether completely different. If you’re looking for something that resonates purity of voice and talent then I can’t recommend this enough.

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By Heidi Maunder
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