Introducing: Ben Khan

Ben Khan has recently released two tracks, ‘Drive (part 1)’ and ‘Eden’, into the
Soundcloud ether. We like both.

As yet unsigned, the Londoner is somewhat of an enigma, with a sparse social media footprint and only a shadowy picture or two to identify him. One could accuse him of trying a little too hard to play hard to get, but his mysterious charm is working quite well on me.

Ben’s breathy voice is swoon-worthy and ‘Eden’ features a whole load of scrumptiously smooth reverb to match his easy vocals. Driven by a steady four-part tempo and a repetitive electronic guitar lick, the track is interrupted by a sort of affected horn sound (horn is a little vague, perhaps – a more accurate description might be to compare it to the noise the window wipers make as they scrape along the screen of my old Fiat Punto).

Nonetheless, I’ve been seduced by the singer’s rich vocals and multi-layered mixes. Almost genre-less, Ben’s unique sound could be described as ElectroSoul, but really, I think we should just let him do his own thing…

Discover Ben Khan: Soundcloud // Tumblr // Twitter // Facebook

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