Allbrook/Avery Meet Allbrook/Avery. This is the newest project to come from Nick “Paisley Adams” Allbrook, the singer of Australian psychedelic rock band Pond and bassist for Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala. Allbrook makes up one half of this duo that is completed by his friend Cameron Avery. Their music is a lo-fi jumble of garage rock and playful psychedelia that combines fuzzy guitars and loose drums, dreamy synths and vocals that could have come straight from MGMT’s Andrew Vanwyngarden.

The project came about when Allbrook moved in with Avery in early 2011 and they started making music. Since then, they’ve been signed onto Spinning Top Music and have secured a tour supporting The Horrors when they come to Australia.

The songs are feel-good and ramshackle. ‘Empty’ is a happy tune that gets you bobbing your head to the Casio synths and groovy acoustic guitars before escalating amidst hand claps and “aaaahhhs” into a frantic finale that leaves you with fuzzy feedback to endure while you think about what you’ve just listened to. ‘Wait ‘til Morning’ is a fuzz filled dream pop track with unrelenting drums as Allbrook and Avery cry, “If you wait till tomorrow babe all your pain and your sorrow will be gone!” ‘I don’t want to hang out with the boys’ is every inch a 60’s-esque garage rock tune and ‘Hard on for Hemingway’ is a chaotic track that makes you think about The Velvet Underground.

Their debut Album ‘Big Art’ is out now on Spinning Top Music.

Discover Allbrook/Avery: Soundcloud // Myspace // Facebook

By Thomas Clarke

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