Following the release of Ed Tullett‘s new album, Never Joy, (available for free download on Bandcamp) we decided to have a little chat with him. Here’s how it went.

What is “hot” in the music world right now for you? (Or, in Luke’s words, what “revs your engines”?)
For me personally, I’ve been listening to a lot of Radiohead, after managing to get a ticket to see them at the 02 in October! They’ve been my favourite band as long as I can remember, cannot wait to finally see them live. Other than that, I’ve been listening to a lot of Volcano Choir, which makes perfect background music for coursework, and also when I’m writing poetry (I tend to listen to instrumental stuff when I write, I don’t want to plagiarise people’s words, but music helps inspire me). My recent poetry can be found on my Tumblr.

When did you start writing/recording your own stuff?
I started writing and recording when I was around 14, but seriously, some of my old music was so terrible, it’s embarrassing, haha. Even stuff I released last year I’m not pleased with, mainly because lyrically I’ve come such a long way since then. I’m 18 now, and I started again with Never Joy, I can’t wait to get some new stuff out!

What do you find most inspirational (for music and poetry)?
The main thing that inspires me musically, and lyrically, is simply other music! I absolutely love finding new music, especially when it inspires me and gives me new ideas. There are also certain people, and certain events, that do inspire me, and I’m sure there are many other things that subconsciously have an effect on my work.

We’ve seen some of your poetry, does writing that come easier than music or vice versa?
Currently I’ve been writing a lot of poetry, and not really much music, but that’s mainly down to the lack of spare time I have. I’m in my 2nd and last year of 6th Form, and will be going to University in September, so I’ve been drowning in Coursework for the last few months. Writing poetry and music is a release for me, and I do write a hell of a lot. Most of the poetry I’ve been writing recently I’m sure will turn up on future releases as lyrics.

Who has most inspired you to write poetry and music? Who’s your fave poet?
When writing poetry I’m not inspired so much by actual poets, as by brilliant lyricists. People like Jesse Lacey (Brand New), Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra), Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon, anything that is beautiful, honest, powerful, etc. If lyrics aren’t honest, and don’t mean something to the writer, then to me they’re pointless.

We love your album Never Joy, why did you give it away for free?
When I released Never Joy it was as a paid download (£5), and the physical copies were £8. I’ve since made the download free and the physical copies £5. This was mainly due to the fact that I, and everyone else, love free music, and it encourages people sharing and enjoying my stuff. It’s not about money at all for me, writing music is something I’ll do for the rest of my life, and be it if one person hears it, or thousands, it will always give me the same immense satisfaction (though the amount of downloads I’ve had since I made the album free has been amazing, and really made me want to get some new stuff out!).

What are your plans music-wise in the future?
I plan to write and record a new release in the summer, and once I’m at Uni I’ll be hoping to find some musicians to play with, and start doing a lot of shows! Performing live is the making of a musician, but there are hardly any people at my school who share the same influences, or have enough time to be able to commit to playing live with me. I really need other musicians, and people to harmonise with live, as I use so much of it in my songs.

How will you continue your music career whilst at uni?
I can only really see Uni as helping my music, especially in a live aspect. I’ll be studying a music based degree, so I’m sure I’ll meet many like-minded musicians, and it’ll inspire me even more to share ideas, etc.

What did you have for breakfast?
I actually have a very bad habit of not eating breakfast, I have too little time in the morning in the week, and I get up too late on weekends! I do recall seeing some cinnamon bagels in the kitchen earlier though, I think I may get up a bit earlier tomorrow to have one of those…

Where do you buy your clothes?
I get a lot of my stuff from All Saints, and just various other online high street designer sites, I hardly ever buy stuff in stores, mainly because it’s cheaper online. I’ll only ever buy stuff in the sale too, I’m a massive bargain hunter hahaha. And I’m a sucker for anything fair-isle.

Discover Ed Tullett: Facebook // Tumblr // Twitter// Bandcamp

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