The Killers - Runaways

THEY’RE BACK! THE KILLERS ARE BACK! It’s been four years, (four long years if you’re a Killers ‘victim’), since the band’s last effort, Day and Age, was released but as of today, the wait for new material has come to an end.
‘Runaways’ is the first single from their new album, Battle Born, and the mighty track is a true Killers classic. The new single combines elements from the band’s previous albums and incorporates a variety of distinct sounds to create what seems to be the ultimate Killers song; it’s got the unsettling drama of Hot Fuss, guitars which are reminiscent of Sam’s Town and the odd Day and Age synthy vibe. You can even feel the flamboyance and excess of the band’s hometown, Las Vegas, through the strikingly powerful and theatrical music. All of this makes ‘Runaways’ an ideal comeback single.

As lead vocalist, Brandon Flowers, belts out the lyrics of the explosive chorus, it’s clear to see that his flair for telling stories hasn’t faded at all over the lengthy break. ‘Runaways’ is a highly emotional shout-fest about, you guessed it, not letting someone run away from you and Flowers lets the tale unfold in an extremely captivating manner. It’s a proper rock song and it sounds as huge as the hype surrounding its release has been.
Battle Born is due for release on 17th September and ‘Runaways’ suggests it’s going to be a very exciting album of 2012. The song has been heard by fans all over the world and the astounding reception proves that The Killers are more relevant than ever. The Killers, in all of their rock ‘n’ roll glory, have returned and it’s a joy to behold. Well done guys, you didn’t disappoint.

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By Elizabeth Coop
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