The Cribs - Come On Be A No One2Thank God they’re back, they’re FINALLY back. “Who?” I hear you ask. Have you been hiding in the musical cave with Cher Lloyd, JLS and One Direction? The Cribs, obviously. Yorkshire’s finest are back…and rightfully restored to their three piece glory as The Brothers Jarman I might add, no Marr in sight. As a loyal Cribs fan, I will happily say that whilst Johnny Marr’s addition to the band did result in yet another brilliant, and very different album to it’s predecessors, it felt somewhat temporary, like another of his experiments with bands that he never originally belonged to in the first place. It was good while it lasted, but as frontman Ryan Jarman professes, “we started out as a three piece and we’ll end as a three piece.” Sighs of relief all round, we were all thinking it.

Not only does ‘Come On Be A No-One’ see them returning to their brotherly trio, but back to their angsty lo-fi approach that for a moment, it seemed as though they’d grown out of. From the second the song starts, it’s clear that we have another anthem, one that will undoubtedly be roared in unison at every sell out show in the next couple of months with the support of the cult like following of fans that they’ve successfully built up over the years.

The heart-wrenching familiar sounds of electric basslines, fuzzy guitar chords and Ryan Jarman’s voice like a melodic, northern cat call, all culminate to create one massive dose of sheer bloody brilliance. A clear example that good music can just be perfect in it’s simplicity, and it’s the lack of pretension that have always given them that allure and appeal.
It’s exactly what the doctor ordered for the British music scene. It seems as though many forget the art of music, so often are our stages frequented by someone with their face hiding behind a Mac as they project their computer generated dubstep beeping sounds into a room full of sweaty teenagers trying to work out how to dance to it, without a drumkit in sight, or the droves of floppy haired American Apparel clad youngsters all claiming to be “the missing ingredient” to the concept of the simple combination of boys and guitars. With perfect timing, The Cribs are back, proudly bringing ‘Come On Be A No-one’ them to show them all the real nobodies it’s done: effortlessly and as usual, very very loudly.

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By Bella Roach
Dance Yrself Clean

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