You’ll have heard ‘Follow Baby’ by now, of course. The lead single from Birmingham’s most psychedelic Peace was released nine months ago. However, the band have revamped and re-recorded their live favourite for their debut album In Love and the result is a honed, tighter and sharper affair.

Beginning with an explosion of the Koisser brothers’ guitars, Harry’s vocals ooze charm and wit as he breathes “I’m scared to death”. Whilst the proposition for indie bands in a world where their public demand ground-breaking, accessible and era-defining tunes is intimidating, Peace should not be scared of their debut album being a success. The band have already defined their city’s musical landscape, attaining a legion of adoring fans which saw their latest gig there (on the 2013 NME Awards Tour) provide one of the band’s career highlights.

“We gonna live forever baby”, Harry sings over a chorus of exploding jangliness and psychedelic drums. They just may.

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By James Daniel Rodger
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