Pale - Too Much

If you think about it, Pale is quite a funny band name for a pseudo-soul electronic outfit such as we have here. You see the whole r’n’b style, emotive, one man with a distinctive voice thing has traditionally been the forte of black artists, with the torch most recently being passed to Drake and Abel Tesfaye of The Weeknd fame. And before you say it, I’m not being racist, it just seems to be true that in previous decades, your boring, Joe Bloggs white man didn’t really possess the desire to sing songs about his love life, and if he did it was cheesy and poorly executed. That is until now. More recently, musical men of all ages and styles have cropped up professing common themes of openness, sincerity, and feeling. Rather oddly though, for those bands like How To Dress Well, Stubborn Heart, and Pale who utilise electronic beats from which to overlay their chosen verse, there’s still a little cheesiness left over from their antecedents. That said, ‘Too Much’ is a nicely brooding little number, channelling 80s pop, Chet Faker and Chris Isaac in equal measure, and a perfectly good example of how to write a modern love/break-up song.

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By Alex Throssell
Dance Yrself Clean

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