Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks (Passion Pit Remix)

Of Monsters and Men are an Icelandic indie folk six piece, while Passion Pit are an electropop band from Massachusetts. On paper they couldn’t be further apart. But in the beautiful way that only happens with music, mix them together and the sound is pretty decent.

Passion Pit takes ‘Little Talks’ slightly away from its upbeat, Icelandic folk roots, and down a more electro, dancey road. Focusing more on Nanna’s vocals than Raggi’s, the tempo is sped up, and the “Hey!”s which punctuate the original are relegated to a supporting role. Passion Pit are faithful enough to the original, though, and the heavier beat compliments, rather than overpowers the lyrical reformatting. Nanna is pretty happy with it, stating in a Rolling Stone interview, “It’s more clubby and it’s very cool. It’s a hard song to remix, too, because it has a certain structure. So I think they did a very good job.” The structure is completely different, but the layers of Passion Pit’s remix build on, rather than detract from, the already cracking track.

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By Maddie Russell
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