Lana Del Rey - Born To DieAm I the only one who can’t decide if I love or hate Miss Del Ray? This little seductress appears to be appealing to the male market very successfully, but personally, I’m not quite convinced. Understatedly standing doe-eyed, and wearing her wide pout and white dresses as often as possible when performing live, this minxy American has utilised the sex appeal of Beyonce, whilst remaining the virginal innocent in the eyes of the press.

With her next album set to be released later this month, December saw the release of her newest song ‘Born to Die’. The track conflates her delicate innocence with her a juicy naughtiness, with shots of her singing in a lavish Church alongside those of her smoking and kissing, (and goodness knows what else), with the brooding tattooed man featured in the video. A little controversial, I would suggest, is the Abercrombie-esque image of a naked Lana embracing said man in front of the American Flag. The representation of sex appeal and patriotism is combined with a sweep of clichéd romantic accompaniment, which is swiftly followed by Lana’s breathy and sexualised backing, before her striking core melody takes you somewhat by surprise. The song itself features her contrived up-and-down intonation, but vocally speaking its probably one of her best. I can’t help thinking that Lana Del Ray is just a little average, but I must be entirely seduced, because I can’t help going back for more…

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By Hatty Farnham
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