Kindness – That’s Alright

You could mistake Adam Bainbridge for having grown up in a New York bedroom. Drawing influences from James Murphy marked indie to Bronx hip-hop, cross current electro resonates through his latest single ‘That’s Alright’. But, alas, he is homegrown British. Emerging on the scene three years ago with ‘Swingin Party’ Bainbridge, or Kindness, finally unleashed his long awaited debut LP World, You Need A Change Of Mind, which includes our LCD-DMC tinged tune.

Opening its doors to a jazzy saxophonic interlude, you almost feel transported to a New York backstreet by way of the dark side of the moon. ‘The beat is bad.’ The vent steam evaporates momentarily as the sexy INXS-esque beat pulsates in, commanding you to don parachute pants (though that is not encouraged). This cake is given its cherry by way of rhythm guitar, paying homage to David Byrne and a little band that he was once in. But that cake lacks a number of layers due to the sheer fact that ‘That’s Alright’ simply goes nowhere.

At heart, Kindness’s song is an ascending plane. As its engines rev up the listener’s attention is fixated, and its elevation amalgamates all its primary elements and genre influences. But once you are truly airborne you forget you are there, metaphorically returning to earth too prematurely. Nevertheless, ‘That’s Alright’ still seduces your sensibility, even if it is on a road to nowhere.

Sam Warner
Dance Yrself Clean

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