First Aid Kit - The Lions Roar

These two may not be lookers, but the Swedish sisters are drenched with equanimity and cool. ‘The Lion’s Roar’ is the first single to be released from their sophomore LP, which will be available in January. It’s easy to overlook the girls’ talents, dismissing them as folky eccentrics, wearing far too many velvet dresses and gormless expressions for anyone’s comfort. However, that would be to miss the point. Throughout their music, these girls perfect beautiful vocals and difficult harmonies, and they don’t need to prance around in short skirts to get noticed. In fact, First Aid Kit are as home-made as it gets. Aside from remaining true to their Swedish roots, the girls actually home-recorded their first tracks and, utilising both talent and initiative, sent them to the Swedish radio which lead them to their fame. Well then, not just a pretty voice…

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By Hatty Farnham
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