Best Coast - The Only Place

What better than to prepare me for the summer than a bit of surf music from Best Coast. Following on from their 2010 album Crazy For You, the new single from their forthcoming second album tells us of the sun and fun filled life they lead over on the west coast of America. Front woman Bethany Cosentino asks “Why would you live anywhere else?”, informing me that they have the ocean, the babes and the sun. I suddenly think to myself, why do I live somewhere else? And reluctantly put the song on repeat to help pretend I’m pissing about on the beach too. If only.

For now this upbeat summer music is as close as I’m gonna get. Better still it’s available to download free at their website. If the rest of the album is half as good as this song, I’m moving there for sure.

The album The Only Place is due out on the 15th of May 2012 through Mexican Summer and Wichita Recordings.
Free single download available at

Discover Best Coast: Official Website // Myspace //

By Liz DC
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