Emerge NME Radar Tour Poster

The Norwich Waterfront played host to the Emerge NME Radar tour last week and as far as Emerge NME Radar Tours go by golly was it pretty good. All three acts Wolf Gang, S.C.U.M and DZ Deathrays had solid sets despite S.C.U.M being on for what only seemed like 20 odd minutes.

As we walked in I half expected to be greeted by groups of 12-year-old indie hipster kids sipping J2Os while donning their best chino/boat shoe outfit they spent the whole week choosing. Unfortunately the venue was only half full at best (or half empty if you’re that way inclined), but luckily there was only one small group of tweens who largely kept to themselves. I guess it being a school night most of the kids had to finish their Geography homework or something.

While all acts deserve a mention for me DZ Deathrays stole the show with their brand of, erm ‘punk thrash’ I guess. It’s just a shame the venue was half full of people who weren’t really proper fans, otherwise it could have gone off big time. If you missed the tour this year then shame on you, but no doubt it will be back next year with a another pick n mix selection of class acts.

DZ Deathrays – ‘Gebbie Street

Wolf Gang – ‘Dancing With The Devil’

S.C.U.M – ‘Paris’

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S.C.U.M on Myspace
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