Mystery Jets Live

They have a charm about them, Mystery Jets. Whether it’s their signature crazily patterned shirts or how delighted they always look to be performing, they are a completely charming band.
I’ve never been to The Rainbow before and was surprised at how small it was. Surprised, but pleased. I cannot express my love enough for intimate gigs, especially as Mystery Jets are one of my favourites.

Hardcore devotees cram the venue and they open their set with their new single ‘Someone Purer’; a wise choice. This straight away gets the crowd going absolutely wild – and they continue to be wild throughout the entire set, making the atmosphere undeniably incredible. Mystery Jets prudently offer brand new material from their upcoming album, Radlands (released 30th April), which the fans warmed to straight away. Alongside this, they perform their more familiar material such as ‘Two Doors Down’, ‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’, ‘Serotonin’ and ‘Flakes’. I cannot even begin to say how much fun I had, but I can tell you that hours later I am still absolutely buzzing about it.

Discover Mystery Jets: Facebook // Official Website // Myspace

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