Last Japan - Settle Down EP This release is a biggy! Recently unleashed on Four40Records, a stellar label for house and garage, it doesn’t disappoint. All three tracks – the original, and the remixes from Stumbleine, ASA & Bondax – are huge. Summer Vibes on this one, get it ready and in the car for those sunny days.

Last Japan – ‘Settle Down’ (Original Mix)

Subtle and funky is how I’d describe the original, although the drum beat is the same for the whole track it works with the filling future garage bassline. The bassline is coupled with a strange yet haunting synth which comes through the whole track changing up to suddenly induce goosebumps. 8 bit extras and piano joining the fun in the second half of the track make this a timeless repeater. Not to mention the soulful lyrics added by an unknown female singer, I can’t seem to find out who it is, but her voice is lovely and warm which is just what is needed for this track.

Stumbleine Remix

This remix completely changes the vibe from the other 3 versions. This is the slow motion, midnight version, loads of stars kinda thing. With uplifting strings/pads coming through, spacey regimented drums and bass that could send you into a coma.

ASA Remix

Taking the original track ASA has added a twist of lime to the track making it extra summery. Switching up the drums with his signature glass sounds and sweeping kicks, it gives a more shuffle-y feel to the original more focused on the piano, he has changed it up slightly and added a solo which I feel gives a great dynamic. All the while the bouncy bassline is carefully carrying the track along.

Bondax Remix

This remix from Bondax goes towards the ‘seriousssssss’ garage tings vibe ha. Sounding more oldschool and almost bringing a jungle vibe with African sounding drums in the background, again a big bouncing bassline on this one, and the standard piano is changed for an electronic one giving a different and unique take. Sweeping sounds and pitched vocal chopping are precise and clear throughout the track and I feel these are what make this remix.

By Safe Tom (Sarge)
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