Errors could be forgiven for cursing the day they signed to Rock Action Records, the label founded by fellow Glaswegian band Mogwai. On one hand they have received frequent exposure through supporting slots on Mogwai tours; virtually every Youtube video of the band having the obligatory ‘Mogwai sent me here’. On the other, they have had to put up with almost constant comparisons in the last 8 years to their label fathers. Well on Have Some Faith In Magic it appears that Errors are a band ready to head out and make a name for themselves in their own right.

As seen on opener ‘Tusk’, which fades in with a dream-like shimmering harmony before making way to crashing guitars and drums, this is not a band, happy to continue being part of the background. The brilliantly titled ‘Magna Encarta’ showcases the latest addition to the bands’ musical arsenal – vocals. Don’t worry though, Errors haven’t started writing lovelorn ballads for the masses as the vocals are treated strictly as an additional instrument. Yet despite their otherworldly nature they still manage to lend the record an immediacy and greatly enhance the bands’ overall sound.

Errors have always made fantastic music to dance to and current single ‘Pleasure Palaces’ shows that they have most definitely not lost this knack. Watch the equally fantastic video below and I can guarantee that you’ll find your feet tapping along without even realising it.

Later tracks continue the dreamlike theme, with titles like ‘Earthscore’ and ‘Cloud Chamber’ you wouldn’t expect anything else really, before returning focus for closing track ‘Holus-Bolus’. This is the kind of epic track every band should close their album with, with just a hint of the 80s thrown in for good measure.

All in all, this is the sound of a band absolutely fulfilling all the promise of their earlier outings and producing an album which simply begs to be listened to. You never know, give it a few years and people just might even stop calling them “the new Mogwai”.

Ok, probably not…

Anyway the full album will be available from all good record shops this week (30th January), so go out and bloody buy it.

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By Andrew McBride
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