With Brown Shoe‘s latest album The Gift Horse being released into the world yesterday, this seems like a fitting time to give these chaps a bit of DYC love. I’ve never been one for full album reviews regardless of the writer, as most seem to end up being overly long, generic and full of predictable clich├ęs. But anyway this latest Brown Shoe album The Gift Horse ain’t half bad by anyone’s standards. They compare their ramshackle sound to the likes of Band of Horses and The Magic Numbers which seems a bold statement, but I guess at times elements of both peering through, and lets face it that can’t be a bad thing can it?

Album highlights for me include ‘Driving Bell’ and ‘Late Nights’, but if you know whats good for you then listen to the album from start to finish.

Stream: Brown Shoe – ‘Driving Bell’

Stream: Brown Shoe – ‘Late Nights’

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By Luke Boobyer

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