Filmed in somewhere between a recording studio and an abandoned church, Yeasayer present the video for ‘Longevity’, the latest release from their recent LP Fragrant World. Acknowledged for their consecutively bizarre videos, the opening thirty seconds would have the Yeasayer die-hards in uproar. As the video progresses however, we see the band age drastically before ultimately deteriorating, coinciding with the lyrics “Live in the moment, never count on longevity”. Whilst it may be a different style for them, the Brooklyn-based outfit seem to have finally honed in on the consistent sound they had previously struggled to find in All Hour Cymbals and Odd Blood. The band perhaps references this at the start of the video, whilst almost absent-mindedly milling around with their instruments and equipment. Released on August 21st via Secretly Canadian, Fragrant World is now available on iTunes via this link.

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By Joe Doherty
Dance Yrself Clean

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