Fresh from supporting Bloc Party’s sell out tour, Theme Park are back. In a fitting follow up to August’s ‘Jamaica’, ‘Two Hours’ shows another party, though this one is a bit more autumnal, with its richer colour palette and tone.

In opposition to the chilled calypso shin-dig in ‘Jamaica’, ‘Two Hours’ sees the band perform at a rather hectic house party. Theme Park’s latest video venture begins with a selection of garments scattered across the floor and a post-coital couple decide to dress and head downstairs. They will be the focus for the next three minutes. A selection of happy people on bikes arrive at the party as a really pissed off girl decides to call it a day.

Miles sings awkwardly on a sofa as the couple from before (who seem hugely unaware of their surroundings) make out next to him. Brother Marcus also looks slightly out of place as you’ll find him in the kitchen at parties. Oscar is the only professional in this situation, we only see him hitting some slamming notes on his guitar. We see the familiar couple having a great time all over the place, as Miles demonstrates what makes him an excellent frontman. As the upbeat keyboard riffs its way through the track, the lyrics, which aren’t the cheeriest, are lifted. The result is another gem from the boys.

The Two Hours EP is out November 4th through Transgressive Records. Theme Park will join Lucy Rose, The Temper Trap, The Courteeners and The Editors for Xfm’s Winter Wonderland at the O2 Brixton Academy December 17th.

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By Maddie Russell
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