The recently released video for ‘Reunion’, M83’s second single from double album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, reveals part two of the scary telekinetic children series. This installment sees the abnormal kids and their shining blue eyes removed from their rural idyll (of Midnight City) to a dark urban landscape, fleeing from Bourne-style baddies with GPS wizardry and big cars with tinted windows. There is a plot twist however in the shape of a villain telekinetic child whose magic eyes go red – Luke versus Vader anybody?

Whatever the peculiar story Anthony Gonzalez – M83’s creative pulse – is trying to promote, ‘Reunion’ marks his continued departure from the shoegaze/dream pop arena to the 80s style synth pop and ambiance. Although perhaps not quite as brilliantly memorable as ‘Midnight City’ it is, nevertheless, another very impressive tune from the Frenchman.

The single ‘Reunion’ was released on 5th February 2012 by Naïve. The video came out on the 30th May.

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By Barney Horner
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