Miss Rose has an awful lot going for her. She’s beautiful, talented, and very sweet. And then there is the video to new single, ‘Bikes’.

White Horse Saloon. Biker gangs. Cowboy boots. Spurs. Beards. Tattoos.

Little Lucy Rose walks in, exuding pure unadulterated confidence from every pore. She puts her money on the bar and, looking the bartender directly in the eyes, she demands milk. A big fellow with an awful lot of hair picks this moment to underestimate the 23-year-old from Warwickshire. Wrong choice.

As Miss Rose’s beautiful and delicate voice rings out, we are confronted with a visual and auditory collision. Lucy smashes the dickhead’s face against the bar.

Some whip cracking, cruising with her gang, and an arm wrestle later, and Lucy has thoroughly proved herself. Not just a pretty face, this one’s got a banging sense of humour too. The end echoes the start and the moral of the story is clear: Lucy won’t take grief from anyone, especially when it comes to her milk.

Columbia Records UK will release ‘Bikes’ 16th September, and Lucy’s debut album Like I Used To 24th September. Consider this permission to preorder. Now.

Discover Lucy Rose: Official // Facebook // Myspace // Twitter

By Maddie Russell
Dance Yrself Clean

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