Georgia Hudson’s vision for ‘Sugar’ is exactly what the sultry track needed. All seduction, rich colours, close ups, mood lighting and soft focus, ‘Sugar’ is hot. Filmed in a club, girls writhe against walls, things sparkle, and there’s even a “come-to-bed” eyes montage thrown in for good measure. Sexy.

A criticism, if one must be made? As a grammatically erroneous Youtube viewer after my own heart has stated on the ‘Creeping’ video, they “should have something at 2:54 in all of their videos”. Trick missed. In case you were wondering, at 2:54 of ‘Sugar’ is Collette seducing herself in a mirror. She could equally be very grumpy. Sexy and pissed off are a fine, fine line. As this is the theme throughout, it really isn’t advantageous usage of the very specific time frame.

Debut eponymous album is out now, and you can catch the London foursome at one of their tour dates this Autumn.

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By Maddie Russell
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