10. Jagwar Ma

Whilst Temples burst out of Kettering in a wave of psychedelia, Jagwar Ma are an Australian duo who look set on making it their mission to recreate the summer of love. They are Madchester-mad and look set to get scores of people dancing baggy. Their music is incredibly catchy and infectious, full of good vibes which will be soaked up by the Glastonbury faithful (or Glastronauts) in abundance.

9. Dinosaur Jr

Massachusetts’ brilliant alternative rock three-piece Dinosaur Jr take to The Park Stage to treat us to their unique brand of grunge. They are hard to pigeonhole with many suggesting they are Nirvana’s natural heirs and others claiming they are pop rock, but with a lengthy career spanning twenty years, it doesn’t really matter. Dinosaur Jr know how to thrill live and their cover of anthemic Cure track ‘Just Like Heaven’ is bound to have a rowdy reception.

8. Savages

Whilst the B-Town pack of Swim Deep and Peace may be leading the race to the indie dinner table, London is never too far behind. This is represented by the wonderful Savages; a female-led post-punk quartet who take the anarchist manifesto of PIL and Siouxsie and The Banshees and give it a contemporary spin. The real key to the band though is that despite their punk philosophy, their melodies and hooks are as anthemic as PJ Harvey and Ian Curtis’ later work.

7. Haim

Three sisters from LA who were voted in at #1 on the BBC Sound of 2013 poll, Haim have crippling expectation placed on them. To many, they remain the heirs to Fleetwood Mac’s pop-cum-R&B throne. You wouldn’t have realised it when watching them, though. The Haim sisters perform as if they haven’t a care in the world and it is this breezy nature which has won them so many fans. By Glastonbury the trio should have released their debut album. Latest single ‘Falling’ is the lead song from the record and is clearly the best tune the band have written to date.

6. Melody’s Echo Chamber

Melody Prochet is a Parisian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s self-titled debut album infused Todd Rundgren’s dazzle with Tame Impala effervescence. Not surprising, given Kevin Parker produced the album and (rumour has it) is romantically involved with Prochet. That’s not to suggest she doesn’t make her work her own, though. It may be sprinkled with Perth DNA but Prochet’s coo is charming and heart-warming. She’ll win your heart, too.

5. Peace

Twelve months ago Harrison Koisser was a daydreaming Brummie holding a sign outside the Bullring trying to break the big-time. A billboard, record deal, corker of a debut album and NME Award nomination later and here his band are. Peace are the embodiment of young love, desperate hoping and teenage romanticism. What better way to spend a day than listening to these jovial scamps stir up psychedelic bursts of pop in a Manic Street Preachers-meets-The Cure kind of way?

4. Tame Impala

Australia’s most weird and wonderful, Tame Impala released the record of the year with 2012’s Lonerism and Glastonbury is where they will feel most at home. Psychedelic lighting, backdrops and visuals will emit from the Other Stage as Kevin Parker struts around plucking his guitar with no shoes on. This lot may just be the best young band on the bill.

3. The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye is hip hop’s wonderkid. A tortured soul who creates brutal and honest pieces of work, Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) has built a cult following by giving his material away for absolutely free. This cult following became rather serious and catapulted him into the big league when he produced a Drake track, and Tesfaye’s debut compilation Trilogy book-marked a new chapter for him. He is getting bigger and better all the time and, whether you like his genre of music, Tesfaye will soon become one of music’s big hitters.

2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

One of the most obvious bookings from this year’s festival, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will grace the Pyramid Stage. A truly visionary band with a glistening career, The Bad Seeds released their latest album Push The Sky Away last month. Single ‘Jubilee Street’ proves Nick Cave remains one of rock’s most brilliant songwriters, with his familiar unmistakable growl unfaltering and resolute. A true visionary and breathtaking writer, Nick Cave is one of music’s most instantly recognizable figures and The Bad Seeds will be a weekend highlight.

1. The Rolling Stones

The booking that everyone wanted to see. It’s been the industry’s worst kept secret, with Jagger claiming “Glastonbury’s a big thing” and Emily Eavis stating “we would love to book The Rolling Stones”. In truth, it was never a foregone conclusion. The Rolling Stones have always been a nostalgia time machine, wheeled out every few years to make you feel good and alive. However, there’s something brutally different about last year’s triumphant O2 shows. It feels like their decorated career may just be in its twilight. What a way to bow out, then. The grandest stage of all awaits them. Can they pull it off? Let’s just say ‘underwhelming’ isn’t in this band’s dictionary.

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