The Knife – Heartbeats

If you’ve ever watched a music video on YouTube it soon becomes apparent that a lot of people simply can’t enjoy the music for what it is, and for some odd reason they feel the need to start quite frankly ludicrous comment wars about which artist is better or which version sucks. To these people I say please get a life and if you don’t like a song then no ones putting a gun to your head forcing you to listen.

To quote guitartutorials482 “i really dont understand y ppl go on a video just to hate or dislike it?? if they dont like it why click it???”

A popular debate seems to be about which version of The Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’ is best. I for one enjoy all three but if asked I guess I would put myself in the camp of the original version. Compare all three and make your own mind up. Sorry this post wasnt longer but im off now to abuse people on YouTube.

Stream: The Knife – ‘Heartbeats’

Stream: Jose Gonzalez – ‘Heartbeats’

Stream: Ellie Goulding – ‘Heartbeats’

By Luke Boobyer

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